We provide traditional ayuvedic treatments for the rejuvenation of mind and body. Though there are many treatments, some are suitable while some are not for a particular individual and our doctors decide on the type of treatment most suited for you.
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The treatment aims at curing diseases of the hair, Sleep disorders, Depression, Diseases of scalp, Migraine.  Special treatments are available to improve memory.

This treatment improves the eyesight and brain related functions to accelerate the optimum use of the brain. It includes treatments for Long sight, Short sight, treatments for preventing degenerative diseases of the eyes with special eye boosting exercises. This is a treatment for memory empowering and Degenerative Learning Disorders. Tharpanam is found to be a genuine therapy against Sinusitis. 
Kadee Vasthy:
It is specially designed to prevent Osteoporosis. Preventive measures are taken along with hygienic herbs to accelerate the level of calcium, vitamin D, bisphosphonates and several other essential minerals in our bones. Kadee Vasthy is used as an effective remedial measure against Low back ache and Degenerative Disc ailments. The treatment helps to reduce the intense pain in the legs which happens as a result of Sciatica.
Greeva Vasthy:
This is very effective against Cervical Spondylosis. Greeva vasthy is advised for patients who suffer from frozen shoulder as well as osteoporosis. Spinal diseases are also cured by Greeva Vasthy. 
This treatment assists the person to regain his normal conditions from his painful state of agony due to kidney stone. It helps to fritter away the unwanted minerals and materials from the body.  A diet high in potassium and magnesium is prescribed to regain strength and also because these minerals decrease the likelihood of kidney stones. Avagaham is advised to the patients who suffer with Prostitis, Piles, Yall Bladder Stone, Uterine complaints, Vathanulomanam, Acidity and Constipation.
Upanaham is used to reduce the difficulties caused by Swelling, Pain, Marmaghatham and all types of nerve complaints.