ARTHRITIS chindren_specialized_in_thrissur

Arthritis result of injury affecting ligaments, bursae or tendons surrounding the joint.

ASTHMA & RESPIRATORY ALLERGIES chindren_specialized_in_thrissur

Asthma, a respiratory disease characterized by narrowing of the airways happens ....

CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS specialized_in_thrissur

Cervical is a kind of Arthritis affecting marked by pain at the back of the neck...

ELDER CARE / GERIATRIC CARE elder_care_in_thrissur

It has problems like the basic anti-aging care and the medical management diseases.

GASTRIC PROBLEMS gastric_problems_in_thrissur

Gastric problems affect the stomachand its functioning.

GYNAECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS gynecological_problems_specialized_in_thrissur

Gynaecology, a term related to treating women’s health issues .

HEADACHES headaches_specialized_in_thrissur

An improper diet and lifestyles can also cause headaches to occur often.

IMMUNITY PROBLEMS ayurvedic_treatment

Immunity helps to fight against areas like physical,emotional and environmental.

INFERTILITY ayurvedic_treatment_in_kerala

Ayurveda conception takes place in healthy sperm, ovum and uterus are available.

INSOMNIA traditional_ayurvedic Treatment_in_kerala

Insomnia in Ayurveda, also termed as Anidra is responsible for imbalance in sleep.

MENOPAUSE kerala_style_of_ayurvedic_treatment

Menopause is a transition that occurs in womenat the age of 45-55 years.

MIGRAINE & SINUSITIS kerala_traditional_treatments

Migraine Headaches are an outcome of specific activation changes within the brain.

OSTEOPOROSIS ayurvedic_resort

Bones are living issues maintaining a balance through bone creating activities.

OBESITY ayurvedic_resort_in_kerala

Accumulation of excessive fat in the body leads to obesity.

PARALYSIS traditional_ayurvedic_resort_in_kerala

Paralysis results from permanent loss of muscle movement of the body .

PSYCO-THERAPY ayurvedic_health_resort

Mental illness caused by gunic imbalance leading to understanding difficulties.

PSORIASIS ayurvedic_health_resort_in_kerala

It is a medical condition in which the skin produces plaques of thickened scaling skin .

SKIN DISEASES best_ayurvedic_resorts_in_kerala

In Ayurveda, treatment of skin diseases depends on the types of skins.

URIC ACID panchakarma_treatment

Gouts are a painful disease resulting from inflammation and deposition of uric acid.

URINARY PROBLEMS panchakarma_treatments_in_kerala

Urinary Infections are common conditions that arisewhen infected by bacteria.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation Program panchakarma_treatments_in_kerala

Get yourself de stressed & revitalized with the 7day Ayurveda Rejuvenation Program

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