Psyco Therapy

Mental illness is caused by gunic and doshic imbalance leading to understanding difficulties and clouding of comprehension activities.

Threeaspects to Ayurvedic treatments

Samshamana or pacification (which over time—months to years -- re-balances the doshas and gunas) - Samshodhana or deep cleansing (which over a shorter time –weeks to months -- removes excess doshas and gunas) - Rasayana or revitalization (which over one‘s lifetime strengthens specific weaknesses, prevents the recurrence of the disease and promotes sattvoguna)

Samshamana therapies subsume two vital components which enhance the return of the vitiated humor(s) to equilibrium without disturbing of the other non-vitiated doshas. They are:

Terms & Conditions (Treatments & Packages)
Detailed Consultation and determining the Basic Body Type on arrival.
Herbal preparations are provided and depend on individual body conditions.
Minimum duration of stay and treatment is seven days.
Yoga sessions as per your demand.
Special diet for Anti-Obesity programs.
Men Are Requested To Shave A Few Hours Prior To A Facial Treatment.
Please Avoid Shaving Or Waxing One Day Prior To Body/Face Scrubs
For Greater Comfort During Beauty Treatments, You May Prefer Removing Hearing Aids, Spectacles Or Contact Lenses.
Take Rest And Avoid Vigorous Activity For At Least One Hour After The Treatments.
Drink Water Before And After All Treatments.
Treatment Style, Procedures And Products May Vary According To The Constitution Of The Person.
Kindly note that the treatments may vary depending on the response of the body towards the treatments... In case of any other extra treatment you needed it will chargeable.

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