Bones support the body and are living issues maintaining a balance through bone creating activities. Factors such as advancing age, low BMI, lack of weight bearing exercise, excessive alcohol, soft drinks consumption, smoking and other causes lead to Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition of the skeletal system characterized by persistent deterioration of bone tissue micro-architecture showing a decrease in bone strength and lesser bone density. This can occur at any age and is mostly prevalent in Asian small boned women over 60 years.

Bones in large porous areas developing in the trabecular bone as opposed to the cortical bones weakening the bone structure.

Ayurvedic Concept

A condition of Osteoporosis that relates to asthi majja kshaya corresponds to weak bones leading to fractures and injury. Porous bones are another cause for Osteoporosis. In this, the hempathetic issues represent the collagen, fat and proteins within bones that provide strength and unctuousness.

Terms & Conditions (Treatments & Packages)
Detailed Consultation and determining the Basic Body Type on arrival.
Herbal preparations are provided and depend on individual body conditions.
Minimum duration of stay and treatment is seven days.
Yoga sessions as per your demand.
Special diet for Anti-Obesity programs.
Men Are Requested To Shave A Few Hours Prior To A Facial Treatment.
Please Avoid Shaving Or Waxing One Day Prior To Body/Face Scrubs
For Greater Comfort During Beauty Treatments, You May Prefer Removing Hearing Aids, Spectacles Or Contact Lenses.
Take Rest And Avoid Vigorous Activity For At Least One Hour After The Treatments.
Drink Water Before And After All Treatments.
Treatment Style, Procedures And Products May Vary According To The Constitution Of The Person.
Kindly note that the treatments may vary depending on the response of the body towards the treatments... In case of any other extra treatment you needed it will chargeable.
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