Kerala Style of Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda has been the oldest medical system with an incredible clinical experience. Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatment involves many forms of treatments with nature’s herbs and plants. Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatment emphasizes the importance of Ayurveda all over the world.

People from all walks of life come to Southern India, especially to the city of Thrissur to experience the Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatment. This Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatments includes, among others, Panchakarma, the most ancient form of treating diseases and long standing illnesses.

Panchakarma, a combined form of nature’s five elements, namely ether, air, fire, water and earth, decides the state of the human body. An Ayurvedic Physician skilled enough to diagnose the cause of imbalance through Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatment in the patient helps you to maintain the five elements in proper proportions for a healthy living.

How does the Kerala Style of Ayurvedic Treatment affect us individuals?

Ayurveda, a principle that relies on the five primary elements which are pre-requisites to the human body, to be fit and sound. The elements such as space, air, fire, water and earth are pivotal in the natural working of our body.The influence of the environment causes imbalance in any of the five elements

First two elements, Ether and Air form the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda governing the movements thereby affecting the nerves for a healthy circulation, respiration and elimination of air and harmful chemicals.

The next two elements when combined (ie. Fire and Water) forms the Pitta Dosha. This greatly affects the metabolism process in our body.The mechanical breakdown of food into desired nutrients is the example of the Pitta functions. This element is responsible for cellular metabolism in the organ and tissue systems.

Lastly, the combination of water and earth elements forming the Kapha Dosha, solely owns up the responsibility for growth and unit by unit structures. This marks the protection process by the coordinating flow of cerebral spinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal column from hazards.

How to Balance the state of mind with the Doshas?

Appropriate proportions of the Doshas govern the individual’s overall growth. Ayurveda, a combination of these Doshas or the paradigm of life helps the individual to overcome challenges in health hazards.

If any of the principles listed tends to increase due to changing lifestyles, there is a need to resort to the curated methods of Ayurveda.

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