Holistic Treatment for Rejuvenation & Detoxification

Geriatric care has to address two-fold problems, firstly the basic anti-aging care to retard the rate of physiological aging and secondly the medical management of diseases and disorders specifically occurring in old age such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease, parkinsonism, degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, opportunistic infections, prostatic enlargement, degenerative eye diseases like cataract, a range of angioplasties, neurodegenerative diseases and senile psychoses which cause major morbidity in old age.

Ayurveda, being fundamentally the science of life and longevity, seems to have addressed these issues in a unique holistic manner involving not merely the biological care, rather also encompassing the psychosocial and spiritual dimensions.

Practices of Ayurveda for Cures

Ayurveda, has well defined medical practices specially crafted for cleansing the waste materials (Srotas) in the human body. The metabolism process releases wastes into the micro channels of the human body which affects the functioning of the human body.

Ayurveda has a bio-purificatory therapy practiced for refining the waste materials in the body. The treatment restores the inner transport system to reduce the chances of wear and tear thereby activating the rejuvenative activity.

How the Therapy Affects our Elders

In this form of Geriatric practice, an Ayurvedic Physician adopts rehabilitative Panchakrama Therapy avoiding evacutatory practices like Vamana and Virechana procedures that affect the immunity of the body.

The scheduled process involves a term ABHYNGA comprising medicated oil applications, steam for sedation, Pizichil, Pindaswera, Sirodhara and nourishing Basti outlined for each elderly person.

Pizchil--- An Ayurvedic Term translating to squeezing is extensively used for message therapy. The process involves a cloth dipped in warm medicated oil into the patient’s body and massage to reduce the pain affected areas.

Treatment to remove stress and strains

Benefits of this Treatment

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Soothes the nerves
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Improves the skin textures
  • Reduces pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints
  • Removes metabolic wastes
  • Releases stress
  • Induces a good sound sleep
  • Brings relaxation to body and mind


An amazing body therapy for improving the nervous system of the individual. The warm oil is poured as a continuous stream over the forehead or the “anja marma” where the nerves are concentrated.

The pressure of the oil onto the forehead causes a vibration that saturates the forehead and scalp into the nervous system.

A gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allows the body, mind and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation helping the head to relax.

Benefits of this Treatment

  • Reduces post traumatic stress disorder
  • Removes Insomnia and shift work Disorder
  • Eliminates Jet Lag

Weightloss treatmentHelps in reducing obesity. And no side effects.

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