Ayurveda Rejuvenation Program

According to Ayurveda as your age progresses your body gets accumulated with impurities and toxins in body cells which affects the circulation of blood in the body and in result leads to many health disorders such as Arthrithis, Astma, Headaches, Gastric Problems, Obesity, Immunity Problems etc.

The 7 day Ayurveda Rejuvenation program is one of the flagship programs of PN Ayurvedasramam which comprises a series of ayurvedic procedures to remove impurities from cells and tissues and enable smooth circulation of blood in your body as well as strengthen and enliven the body’s natural healing mechanism resulting in a healthy and relaxed body.

Benefits of Rejuvenation Program

Improves Intellect as well as Memory Increases Immunity of Body Increases Skin Complexion Promotes overall health Increases Life Span of Individual De Stress & Revitalize Body

Program Overview

Consultation by a Physician

When you arrive, you will be assigned an Ayurveda Physician who will assess your basic body type and design a treatment program customized for your needs.


Daily Yoga and Meditation sessions will be conducted by experienced yoga practitioners. Simple and effective yoga postures will be taught which can be easily done at home as well as improve overall physical health.

Specialized Vegetarian Diet

For each of the 7 days of your treatment a specialized vegetarian diet will be offered which will have foods in high fiber content, easily digestible as well as rich in vitamins and minerals. An in house chef will be assigned for your needs who will prepare the diet according to your treatment.

Customized Rejuvenation Treatments

Few of the different treatments that will be included are mentioned below


This treatment is a process by which herbal oil, buttermilk, medicated milk is gently poured onto your forehead which results in coolness to the brain, reduces mental stress and improves memory.

Steam Bath

Steam bath helps to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate body through sweating. By undergoing a steam bath excess doshas from the body are removed which help in promoting overall health.


Abhyanga is a special type of Ayurvedic warm oil massage that will be conducted by two massage therapist. Abhyanga massage promotes overall health, increases blood circulation, improve digestion and longevity.


Under the guidance of a trained Ayurvedic physician herbal oil or ghee is poured over the body for a fixed duration of time and simultaneously body massage is conducted. This treatment helps in improving blood circulation, strengthening immunity system and helps in reducing stress and anxiety.


Kizhi is a type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powder, rice or sand. It helps in pain management and pain reduction. Individuals suffering from low back pain, obesity, muscular cramps etc will greatly benefit with this treatment

Terms & Conditions (Treatments & Packages)
Detailed Consultation and determining the Basic Body Type on arrival.
Herbal preparations are provided and depend on individual body conditions.
Minimum duration of stay and treatment is seven days.
Yoga sessions as per your demand.
Special diet for Anti-Obesity programs.
Men Are Requested To Shave A Few Hours Prior To A Facial Treatment.
Please Avoid Shaving Or Waxing One Day Prior To Body/Face Scrubs
For Greater Comfort During Beauty Treatments, You May Prefer Removing Hearing Aids, Spectacles Or Contact Lenses.
Take Rest And Avoid Vigorous Activity For At Least One Hour After The Treatments.
Drink Water Before And After All Treatments.
Treatment Style, Procedures And Products May Vary According To The Constitution Of The Person.
Kindly note that the treatments may vary depending on the response of the body towards the treatments... In case of any other extra treatment you needed it will chargeable.
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