How the Therapy benefits our Elders

In this form of Geriatric practice, an Ayurvedic Physician adopts rehabilitative Panchakrama Therapy avoiding evacutatory practices like Vamana and Virechana procedures that affect the immunity of the body.

The scheduled process involves a term ABHYNGA comprising medicated oil applications, steam for sedation, Pizichil, Pindaswera, Sirodhara and nourishing Basti outlined for each elderly person.

Pizchil--- An Ayurvedic Term translating to squeezing extensively used for massage therapy.

Pizchil, a combination of traditional Ayurvedic treatments called as Snehana or oil massage and Swedana meaning fomentation, sweat inducing sedation. Treatment includes pouring of herbal oils under proper guidance of an Ayurvedic physician and massaging on the pain affected areas.

The process involves squeezing with a cloth dipped in warm medicated oil on the patient’s body and massage to reduce the pain affected areas.

Benefits of this Treatment

  • Improves overall blood circulation
  • Strengthens the immunity system
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Keep diseases at bay
  • Quick healing of fractured bones and muscle development
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension
  • Improve quality of skin
  • Eliminates nervousness and related disorders
  • Treats in paralysis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases
  • Helps in reduction of diabetes, asthma and tuberculosis
  • Pindasweda in Ayurveda

    A classic type of Ayurveda massage performed with medicated herbal oils and bags. The bags are applied to the patient’s body suiting the health condition of the individual. Herbs are tied up in linen cloth and then dipped in warm oil, which are then placed on the body of the individual.

    Benefits of this Treatment

    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Improves lymphatic drainage
    • Soothes the nerves
    • Relaxes the muscles
    • Improves the skin textures
    • Reduces pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints
    • Removes metabolic wastes
    • Releases stress
    • Induces a good sound sleep
    • Brings relaxation to body and mind
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