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A charitable society under name and style 'Sreenarayana Dharmasabha', which was founded in the year 1962, was exclusively meant for doing charitable activities. Vast and valuable existence of 53 years of the Sabha has culminated in floating so many ventures. Traditionally few of our members were hailing from ayurveda background who gained decades old experience and expertise in practicing ayurveda. This protracted practice and proven process triggered to the setting up of an ayurveda heritage. This was the rising event of P.N. Ayurvedasramam.


The term "Ayurveda" is emanated from two components- i.e. ayush as life and veda as science and literally it is the science of life. Brahma, the originator of the system passed it on to Aswanikumars, who in turn imbibed and imparted the system to rishis from whom it was transpired among the people through generations.


We have provided family cottages built with wooden rafters and tiled roofing and also provided Kerala model traditional Ettukettu and Nalukettu having nadumuttam in the inner side of the structure. Floorings are made with natural clay tiles. which are very useful for curing Vatha predominant diseases by using these cots. Cots used are made out of herbal woods. Patients get soothing effect while these cots are used.